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Bad Habit Merchandice

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Bad Habit Merchandice Empty Bad Habit Merchandice

Post by Garrett Clark on Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:03 am

Here is all the current Bad Habit stuff we can get:

*Bad Habit Windshield Banner- $25
*Bad Habit T-Shirt- $17
--->Availble at PDQ Signs or Through Me

*Bad Habit Hat- $40 (Curved or Flat)
--->Avalible at LIDS in the Tyler Square Mall

*Wicked Customs Small Sticker- Free
*Wicked Customs T-Shirt- $15
*Wicked Customs Hat- $20 (Curved)
--->Availible at Wicked Customs

Garrett Clark- (903) 590-0536
Wicked Customs- (903) 561-4300
PDQ Signs- (903) 849-4585
LIDS- (903) 509-1812
Garrett Clark
Garrett Clark

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