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low price hard hitting sound system

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low price hard hitting sound system

Post by tunergod jb on Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:26 pm

anybody who needs a system ive got one for sale...its 2 10 inch memphis PRs in a carpeted box for two 10s....and 2 12 inch memphis PRs in a truck box and one in a homemade box....and a 1000w mono block DB Drive amp with all the wires for the set up....i am asking 400 for all of it or i will have prices for any single items like a box or just one subwoofer or an amp....please let me kno if u are interested my phone # is 9037141506 please contact me if i dont pick up leave me a messega and i will get back to you........
tunergod jb
tunergod jb

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